Performance Marketing services in India

Connect to Captivate

Digital media has infiltrated every aspect of our life and businesses need to catch up with the consumers, driving their aspirations and foreseeing their needs before they arise. you stay ahead of the game with precision performance marketing services and strategies that take full advantage of the media mix to maximize your ROI. Engage your customers across disciplines including search, display, video, mobile, social media, affiliate marketing and traditional channels.

Go beyond with Embudo’s highly focussed Data Analytics, Search Engine Optimisation and Search Engine Marketing solutions.

data analytics services

Data Analytics

Drive targets with the power of data

The future of consumer interaction belongs to those who utilise web and mobile data intelligently. Strategically optimise your connect with the consumer by pinpointing areas of opportunity to enhance conversion with power of information. Find out where each conversion comes and get actionable insights on how customers interact with your site’s features, functionality and process flows.

Benefit from the knowledge to boost profitability with measurable, data-driven optimization tactics at scale. With Embudo, you’ll settle for nothing less than the bulls-eye.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Marketing futurised for the ditital world

Search Engine Marketing at Embudo encompasses end-to-end services including Organic as well as Paid Search, Web Analytics and App Store Optimisation, efficiently developing a winning strategy custom-tailored to your campaign goals. Through agile, clutter-breaking methodologies and tested approaches, Embudo puts your business’s key offering in front of a targeted, research-based audience, using ads that are served from the most trusted advertising networks, including Google AdWords and Bing Ads.

From Mobile Campaigns targeting new, on-the-go consumers to Remarketing & Retargeting operations aimed towards rejuvenating existing ones, Embudo provides you the tools to grow in tomorrow’s emerging digital scenario.

Search Engine Marketing services in India

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Research optimised for result-driven success

Track the progress of your website holistically and improve engine rankings with a winning content strategy. See what the competitors are doing right and develop your unique edge with Embudo’s research oriented Search Engine Optimisation services. Amplify site visibility and integration to help consumers find exactly what they are looking for. Top the ‘results’ pages, drive conversions and acquire new customers with seamless planning.

Embudo’s SEO packages include everything from site architecture assessments and keyword mining to social signals and beyond, delivering value at every stage.