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Be the next big thing in the digitalized world. Make your move with the power of technology and create a deeper impact on the minds of customers with our web developments, cloud based applications, IOT, virtual reality, augmented reality and mobile app developments, which are at par with the latest technology.

Technology offerings

Customer centric agile development is at the heart of what we do. We use Technology to deliver business solutions. We work on future ready solutions and build marketing automation tools.

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Web development

Have a strong presence in the online world with our smart web development services. While all the businesses are seen over the web, stand out amongst them with Embudo’s attractive, effective and responsive web designs. From website creation to content and user-friendliness, we make sure to give you the best solutions with the use of innovation.

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Cloud based applications

Our dedicated team gives you reliable cloud-based applications which will significantly improve your business’s IT agility by deploying of IT services which help you cut costs on the infrastructure, networking, storage, management and business applications that facilitate IT and you can focus more on your business progress.

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With the rapid advancement of technologies, IoT is opening tremendous opportunities for businesses to develop their process. Iot is going beyond connectivity between laptops and smartphones, now you can open the door of your home for anybody even when you’re not there or track the pathway of your consumers in your store and change the way they interact with objects.
We at Embudo, harness this technology for the benefit of your enterprise. Our team puts in their heads together to come up with innovative ideas to improve your optimality, functionality and connectivity giving you a competitive advantage.

Mobile App Development

Mobile app development

Reach out to and attract your target hub by using the means of mobile apps. We understand our client’s different USPs and provide you with a custom built, captivating and secure mobile apps with innovation that exceeds your expectations and gives you positive rapid outcomes.

Virtual Reality services

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality applications

Ever wished to see how your 'under construction' project would look like after it’s finished? Or how to give your customers a tour around their new home or kitchen and walk around freely as if it was real? Dummy models, 3D graphics or blueprints are old-fashioned; now take your vision to next level with applications based on AR and VR.