Customer experience is the new Marketing

We realised that the only sustainable way to deliver a consistent and productive CX is by embedding technology into the CX flows and leveraging robust cloud platforms and digitally enabled solutions, which can build scale, consistency and measurement into a customer’s end to end marketing operations.

Embudo was born to deliver technology solutions, which integrate cutting-edge web and mobile technologies to help businesses consistently Attract new visitors, Engage them meaningfully, Nurture them through their life cycle, Convert them to paying customers and Retain them by continually exceeding their rising expectations.

Since it’s not the business of most businesses to setup, manage and maintain such technology platforms, it was also important to deliver the technology solutions on an SLA backed SaaS platform. This platform was to host the solution securely, deliver efficiently, update, backup, and maintain the solution from a public cloud platform, 24/7, thus providing complete life cycle services.

The idea behind Embudo

We understand that traditional marketing methods like advertising, public relations, events, and even SEO/SEM, which are primarily tail end marketing & promotion activities, are necessary but not enough to build a sustainable brand in this rapidly digitising world.

In this new digital world, the expectations of the customers have reached a new normal. Customers are continuously and very easily exposed to superior online tools, apps and solutions. The bar has been raised. A new age business either must deliver a consistent, high quality experience to customers at all touch points along the life cycle or become irrelevant.

Our Team

Kiran Bhat


Anil Bhat


Nishant Nagesh